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We are a group of passionate and outgoing dog owners’ who love to train and have fun with our dogs. This club is founded on the idea that dogs are capable of so much more than simply being a companion. The origins of domesticated dogs’ dates back thousands of years where our ancestors used them to help with various tasks and out right survival. Even today dogs are used in so many different fields of work from SAR to Law Enforcement & Military, even civilian service dogs that help those with disabilities.  The scope of work that they can perform is amazing and we believe the different characteristics and abilities is something that deserves to not only be respected but also appreciated.

Club Director

Keenan Taylor-Brown


My interest in dogs started at an early age and was originally developed through family pets and helping out at my aunts boarding kennel. Once I dipped my foot into the realm of working dogs it really opened my eyes to the fact that training will be a life long journey of learning. After getting into decoy work over 7 years ago I quickly realized that this was something I wanted to do for as long I trained dogs. The knowledge that you can gain by working dogs in bite work really opens your eyes to the beauty and importance of raw genetics. Building dogs as high as their genetic potential will allow is what I strive to do with each team that I get the privilege of working with.

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